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Teen Volunteers
Teens can choose from a variety of volunteer activities, both in person and virtual, in order to earn community service hours at Northvale Public Library.

Adopt a Shelf

Also known as shelf reading, volunteers select a section of shelves in the library to keep in order. Some sections require a bigger time commitment to keep in order than others.  Library staff will help you pick a section that fits within the amount of time you are willing to commit. Cleaning supplies will be provided for you to lightly dust the section of shelves you have adopted.

In person, 30 minutes- 1 hour community service credit.

Assisting with Programs

Volunteers assist Library Staff set up, help children with activities and clean up at various times and dates through the year.

In person, 1-2 hours community service credit

Book Reviews

We want you to enjoy reading and help us promote the books we have in our collection! The books you review must not be on your school curriculum. You do not have to review a YA book, but your choice must be appropriate for teen readers. You can submit up to 2 book reviews per month.

Virtual, Every 100 pages read = 1 hour community service credit plus 1 hour of credit for writing the review.

Social Media Contribution

Is there something you are passionate about? Do you like creating comics? Making art? Baking? Teaching or signing a few words in a different language? We would love to share your comics, art or video on social media. No more than 2 posts a month and can be emailed to Any videos must be less than 3 minutes.

Virtual, Please discuss community service credits with the Youth Services librarian.

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